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Do PC to Phone Calls!
Are You Ready For
A Conference Revolution?


"The Worlds First Conference Company to Offer One Flat Fee No Matter What Device You Call With!"

Do PC to Phone Calls or Conference Calls with a Regular Telephone, Celle Phone, VoIP Phone, PC Soft Phone, PC Speakers or USB Headset. With This New Technology Your Caller Devices Does Not Matter. How?

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We can easily cut your calling costs by 90% or more!

Experience our easy, userfriendly and cost effective caller solution.

  • Gone are the days of analog phones and in comes the digital revolution.
  • Gone are the days when VoIP phone lines became choppy and you couldn't hear the person on the other side of the phone.
  • Gone are the days where you think about the cost of calling.

Do You Want:

  • Unlimited calling time.
  • Unlimited local, national and international calls.
  • No complicated local or international rates.
  • No hidden charges, just one low flat fee.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • A secure, safe, fast, clear, and reliable solution.
  • Maximum 100 participants per call (others offer you max 25?)
  • Conferencing and Web Collaboration

The best pc to phone calls solution.
We know what you want.

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The perfect solution for doing pc to phone calling, call from pc to phone and do not think about the costs. Reach the world from pc to phone calls. | call from pc to phone1 |